Why The World Needs Curvy Unicorn

Curvy Unicorn bridal is a project from the heart. When I sit back and think about the stories we’ve heard from brides who have had such an awful time while dress shopping, it hurts my heart. Buying a wedding dress is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. It is up there with buying your prom dress and picking out the perfect outfit for your baby shower. Most women only do it once and you want it to be special.

Curvy Unicorn Bridal - Dresses for every bride

We found that the women who were trying to find a wedding gown were not having that magical experience – instead they were leaving dress shops in tears (and these were not happy tears because they said “Yes to the dress”). We knew we needed to do something to correct that. As a curvy woman myself, I feel the pain of not finding something on the rack that fits, or finding something that fits, but quickly throwing on a sweater to cover your arms or back-fat. For your wedding dress, an invisibility cloak or full camouflage are not options. Brides want something that will fit, smooth, and make them feel gorgeous.

Curvy Unicorn was born with this in mind – we are all made differently some of us have big boobs and small waist; some of us have small boobs, big waist and a flat butt; some of us are self-conscious about our arms (raising my hand!). Whatever that is for you, we understand and we hear you loud and clear. This is exactly why we are here. We get it. We live it. And we are here to make the change.

This is who we are – we are curvy women and loving it. So, why do we have such a hard time finding something that will make us feel amazing and look beautiful? We are here to change the game, ladies. And we are here for you. No more feeling like you can’t find a dress on your special day. No more feeling like your size is a problem. We designed our dresses to make you feel beautiful, as if your dress is a second skin that compliments your beauty.

Curvy Unicorn believes that size doesn’t matter. We are beautiful in every single way. So love your curves and live your life! Be proud and curvy and look stunning on your wedding day.

 Curvy ladies: may we know them, love them, and be them

Photo’s by Regina Popova Photography

Flowers: San Francisco Bay Blooms 


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    YES! This. All of this! Thank you so much for sharing. As a curvy girl myself, I can 100% relate! 🙂
    Thank you!

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    I love this! As a curvy woman, I found it challenging to find the perfect wedding dress so I absolutely love what you’re doing and truly believe that curvy girls need this.

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    Ah-men! As a curvy gal, I also had the wedding gown struggle! I found my perfect gown but it was hard and needlessly emotional. I can’t wait to see Curvy Unicorn make its mark on the world!

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    Curvy Unicorn is brilliant!

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    There is so much need for this, and it’s obvious about how passionate you are about helping brides feel beautiful in their own skin! I can’t wait to see where this takes you!

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    Such a great topic that we need so much!!! As someone who attends some of the dress fittings for my brides I can attest that there is nothing worse than a bride not feeling beautiful in her dress. The industry needs to make sure we are inclusive of women who are all shapes, sizes and colors and that everyone feels their most beautiful on their wedding day!!!

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    I have been following your journey with this for awhile, and I love that you created this! There is such a need for it and you truly are going to make waves in the industry!

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